Welcome to Soul of the South, SGA’s repository for tips and tidbits that focus on the American South’s cultural, literary, music, language, food and folk traditions. In addition, from time to time, we’ll feature “Southern Superlatives” – national and regional news that shows how SGA states and the region stack up in areas such as education, quality of life, “best ofs” and more.

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  • This Athens, GA, event offers a boutique music festival experience -- the Wildwood Revival!


  • Sample the South's so-called "chicken of the tree" at the Bentonville, AR, Squirrel Cook-off!


  • In memoriam. Read and remember the passion and prowess of the late B. B. King.


  • Get away to NC's Primland and enjoy the spectacular tree house views!




  • Hidden beaches -- from Atlantic shores to Gulf Coast barrier islands, enjoy the allure!







  • Charleston's restaurants come together to support families of the Mother Emanuel tragedy.