Welcome to Soul of the South, SGA’s repository for tips and tidbits that focus on the American South’s cultural, literary, music, language, food and folk traditions. In addition, from time to time, we’ll feature “Southern Superlatives” – national and regional news that shows how SGA states and the region stack up in areas such as education, quality of life, “best ofs” and more.

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  • Experience Halloween, and explore the dark genius of Edgar Allan Poe, in his Richmond, VA, museum!


  • Visit the many haunted places in and around Alexandria, VA -- a colonial gem of a town!



  • Locals know the best place to encounter the resident ghosts that haunt New Orleans.



  • The American South is rife with haunted real estate -- check out these spooky places!




  • There are many sides to a Southern Woman. Take this Steel Magnolia quiz to see which you are!


  • NC lighting artisan Louise Gaskill creates fixtures with European vintage glass and Midcentury metal!